Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation Strategy

21 November 2016

UrbanGrowth NSW has developed an Urban Transformation Strategy for approximately 50 hectares of government-owned land in and around the rail corridor from Central to Erskineville Stations.

After two years of studies, assessments and conversations with the community, we’ve finalised the Strategy to help guide development over the next 20 to 30 years.

The Strategy contains an ambition, vision and the ten key moves that set the framework for the future delivery of more homes alongside better public transport, new parks and community facilities.

During the development of the Strategy, a number of major NSW Government policy and infrastructure announcements have been made, including new Sydney Metro stations at Waterloo and Central, the new Communities Plus initiative to renew social housing and the establishment of the Greater Sydney Commission to lead district planning across Sydney.

The purpose of the Strategy, from 2014 to now, has changed in response to these announcements. It now informs the Greater Sydney Commission’s draft Central Sydney District Plan and will also be used as an important reference document for future planning in the area.

The Strategy focuses on three project areas, with Central led by Transport for NSW, Redfern to Eveleigh a collaboration between Transport for NSW, Family and Community Services and UrbanGrowth NSW, and Waterloo led by Family and Community Services who have asked UrbanGrowth NSW to undertake the masterplanning and align this with development of the new Sydney Metro site.

UrbanGrowth NSW will assist government land owners to plan for balanced development outcomes in local precincts to provide homes and jobs alongside new public open space, community facilities and great design.

Early and initial consultation on these precincts by government agencies will reflect the ambition, vision and principles of the Urban Transformation Strategy.

Download a copy of the Urban Transformation Strategy.

You can also find out more about the Greater Sydney Commission and opportunities to provide feedback to the draft Central District Plan.

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