Program update from Matthew White - Program Director

3 November 2016

The Sydney of the future is taking shape here now. Sydney is growing — our population will more or less double over the next 40 years — so it’s important to plan for this growth in a sustainable way and part of a smart solution is to deliver more homes and more diverse housing options close to public transport.

The Central to Eveleigh team is working on an Urban Transformation Strategy that will be a guiding document for sustainable future growth in the area. During its development, there have been a number of major government policy and infrastructure announcements, including new Sydney Metro Stations at Waterloo and Central, and the Department of Family and Community Service’s Communities Plus initiative.

Through the Strategy our focus will show how an ambition, vision and principles developed with the community can apply across three project areas, with Central led by Transport for NSW; Redfern to Eveleigh a collaboration between Transport for NSW and UrbanGrowth NSW; and the Waterloo Precinct) a joint project between the Land and Housing Corporation, UrbanGrowth NSW and Transport for NSW.

The Greater Sydney Commission is also now established in their role and actively working on a draft Central Sydney District Plan that the community will have an opportunity to comment on. This Plan will directly inform local council planning and influence the decisions of state agencies. We will be coordinating our efforts across government, including with the Greater Sydney Commission, to ensure the best outcomes for the area and planning for future growth.

Matthew White
Program Director
Central to Eveleigh

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