A shared vision

Major urban transformation means substantial change in an area. This is why, over two years, the people who live in and around Central to Eveleigh helped to identify priorities for their neighbourhoods to shape a shared vision for the area.


A place with a broad supply and choice of homes, including social housing, and active, safe and attractive public places to support social diversity and community connections. Local people want to see a true diversity of homes – with a range of prices, for people at different stages of life and mixed lifestyles. There will be better, safer, more attractive streets. These will connect neighbourhoods that retain their own distinct identities – this will never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. New public meeting places and parks will be designed to bring the community together. 

A mix of private and affordable housing, and with new and more social housing

World-renowned culture and creativity




A place that celebrates our rich diversity, unique identity and heritage and gives everyone easy access to community and cultural facilities to build a collective sense of community.

New cultural and community facilities, including child care centres, need to be considered. There will be exciting improvements in transport, including a new Sydney Metro station at Waterloo - linking to Bankstown and the north-west—and proposed upgrades to Redfern and Central stations. There will be a new secondary school on Cleveland Street. Alexandria Park Secondary School and local primary schools will be expanded and there will be new and improved health and medical facilities.

A new and upgraded train stations

New community centres and spaces across the area


A dynamic and popular place to work that connects many types of businesses and offers a balance and diversity of service, trade, digital, education, innovation and creative industries.

Central to Eveleigh already draws a diverse range of industries. The area could provide a platform for Australia’s digital and creative economy and become a creative hub at the heart of a diverse local community, with studio and co-working spaces that promote shared workplaces.

New jobs including high value jobs in knowledge-intensive organisations, with space that encourages innovation and expansion

A key platform for Australia's digital and creative economy


A place that responds to economic, social and climatic changes in ways that benefit quality of life and the quality of the environment, harnessing new opportunities to enrich the community.

We could see revitalised public open spaces with a mix of local parks and pocket parks located so that residents and workers are only a walk from somewhere to relax and enjoy their surroundings. People will use their cars less and will walk and cycle more. Sustainable building will be encouraged as an essential part of the planning process.

Revitalised and new public open spaces

Reduced car dependency compared to greater Sydney