Redfern Station Precinct

1 March 2017: Archived Redfern Station page

The potential

This precinct could see a new, accessible and user-friendly station with high-quality public spaces great for entertainment and cultural expression, with commercial and residential buildings combined with a wide public plaza over the rail line.

A mix of employment could be offered with a variety of tenants, including innovation and creative industries – with startup, small, medium and large businesses. There could also be a diversity of apartment buildings, student accommodation and affordable housing providing diverse choice for a diverse local community.

The possibility of a podium development over the rail corridor could create wide public places connecting North Eveleigh and Darlington with Australian Technology Park, Lawson Square and Redfern Street.

The urban transformation strategy, in consultation with the community and our partners, will guide the future development of a precinct master plan for this area. More detail will be available soon.

Redfern Station

central station map